In French, Ami&Cie means

" Friends & Company"

Who is Ami&Cie?
Personalization service


Established in Miami,

Ami&Cie is a young French trademark

of personalized gifts

for babies, kids, Moms, Dads, and...

for all "Our Friends & Company"!



Each item created by Ami&Cie is made with love and care.




You can make all your products totally UNIQUE

with Ami&Cie!


Choose a font and a color and Ami&Cie will add a name,

a boat or house name, your next holiday destination or

any idea to make your Turkish towel the one and only!

What is a turkish towel?

A few years ago Ami&Cie discovered the "Turkish towel",

a colorful large piece of natural cotton.
This towel is the traditional Tunisian bath towel

originally used after hammam and hot baths.

Multi-purpose and chic, the turkish towel is very popular in France.

Beach or bath towel,
 baby play or changing pad, table cloth or decorative throw, bed cover or light blanket, picnic blanket....



The Turkish towel by Ami&Cie is crafted in Tunisia from the best 100% natural cotton

in a range of more than 20 bright and lively colors.
The finished fringe is hand made.


Light and easily foldable in your bag or luggage,

the Turkish towel is your perfect travel item.

The sand won't stick to it at the beach.

It is as absorbent as any towel, it dries quickly, it washes easily and becomes softer and softer after each use.

The Turkish towel will not lose its shape or color

after multiple washes.

Your Turkish towel will be your ultimate chic companion...

at home, at the beach, to the pool and when you travel.

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